Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the availability and booking of mySnappy photo booth?

There are several options for you to contact us the check the pricing and availability:

A) E-mail: [email protected]
B) Call, SMS or Whatsapp: +60123612911 or +60123779660 or +60126185784 or +60129129159
C) Facebook message:

What do I need to prepare before the event?

We would require at least 2 weeks ahead of your event to prepare and design your customize photo layout. Kindly send us your high resolutions images (preferable in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format) and the wordings that you would like to include in your photo layout. If you opt for the customized backdrop, kindly inform us and we need at least 1 month ahead to design & print the backdrop.

What is the size of the photo booth and how much space does it require?

The entire photo booth takes approximately of 2 meter x 3 meter of space. Please also allocate some space around the photo booth to allow the guests to gather and queue up.

How much time do you take to setup the photo booth?

We take about 30minutes to setup the photo booth. If your event starts at 6pm for instance, we will be there 30-minutes to 1-hour earlier to setup and do the testing.

How many people can fit into the photo booth at one time?

Our photo booth is open concept. You can try to squeeze in as many as possible. We have had experience of 15 people taking a photo together.

I heard so much about people having fun with photo booth. But, how exact does it works?

Remember the Japanese photo sticker machines in shopping mall? It works similar but instead of sticker, we print in a 4R-size or photo strips. And, instead of a closed area where it limits up to 4 people, we are an open area whereby you can squeeze in as many as you can. Our screen works like a mirror whereby you can tidy your hair, check your make up, and pose accordingly. The screen also shows the timer countdown so you know when you need to get ready and pose. Our booth assistant will be there to assist you and your guests where to stand, where to look at and when to pose. Just relax, grab a prop, pose and say-cheese!

What are the fun props that you are providing and are they free?

We have a variety of photo props, including over-sized glasses with funny design, wigs, hair-bands and hats. If you are concern that the props might ruin your hairstyle or makeup, we do provide dialog sign with different messages to hold, or blowup guitar, microphone, sword and other stuff for you to hold and pose. We continue to add more new props from time to time. So no worry if this is the 2nd time you rent our photo booth.

Are all the photo props free or do we have to pay for it?

All our photo props are free for use during your photo booth rental session.

How fast can we get the photos?

Each 4R-size photo takes only 10seconds to print out. Of course you may need to wait for a while if there is a group of people took a picture before you.

Can I keep the soft copies of all the photos taken during my event?

Of course! We will copy these photos into a CD for you to keep on the day itself after the photo booth session.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers